Beyond the Failure is Back!

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I created a beyond-the-failure post. Honestly, I just needed a break from the internet. Between moving homes, having my kids home from school and taking on too much online, I burnt out…

A hard lesson I learned and coincidently is what this newsletter is all about. Failure. However, I thoroughly enjoy writing this email newsletter, amongst other things. I learned taking on various projects, although fun initially, the expectations pile up way too quickly and become overwhelming just as fast.

With that in mind, I will restart posting regular content again, just as before. I am leaning towards curating business oppourinties. Why? Learning from failure is one thing, but what’s next if you do not have a place or idea to execute. Therefore, I would like to dive into finding business opportunities to exploit potentially. Maybe I will send out the next issue with this focus, and let me know your thoughts?!?

New Schedule

The schedule of this newsletter will transition to bi-weekly submissions. This will allow me to research and prepare a well-thought-out article without being too cumbersome for my schedule.

That being said, The next full issue will be posted on June 14th @ 7:00 am., followed by June 28th and so on.

I hope to regain any trust I lost along the way and hope you will stick around and enjoy the content as it's published.

As always, stay safe and have a great weekend/week ahead