Building in Public

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This week’s topic revolves around building in public. We have touched on building a community and validating our idea in past issues. The next logical step is to start building or creating “it”.

Let’s dive into a few resources worth a read!

Building in Public Definite Guide by Kevon Cheung

In this guide, Kevon goes through the building in public process and has broken it down into easy to digest chapters (9). From what is building in public to how to write content and in what channels to publish them in.

The Building in Public How-To Guide by Gaby Goldberg

Another guide to sink your teeth into. A few bullet points from the article:

  • Share real quotes & screenshots of feedback from users

  • Propose interesting product ideas and ask the community for feedback

  • Articulate roadblocks the company is facing and how to overcome them

  • Give insight into largely unknown aspects of the company/product

  • Share “sneak peeks” and vague product updates for things to come

  • Post screenshots of internal Slack messages showcasing company culture

  • Tell emotional stories about your company to pull at followers’ heartstrings


A Reddit user who owned and operated a university storage and moving company posted various lessons learned on the /entrepreneur subreddit. I remember reading his posts a year ago and while they were informative, people in the comments either were thankful or accused him of spam or other mean things.

However, that didn’t seem to stop him. Recently he migrated over to twitter and exploded in terms of followers. Point is when building in public anticipate you’ll get haters and lots of them, but keep doing whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. Building a following can take different amounts of time. Here, Nick started Twitter on Jan 22/21 and is providing value by sharing his expertises on real estate…

One thing about me

I wanted to share something about myself, both to be transparent but to also get to know the subscribers in a more personal level. Feel free to share something about yourselves in the comments 👇

My one thing is, I love to create.. Creating in a multitude of ways, drawing, both physically or digitally. I love to express things through creating. I have picked up my love of drawing again. Here a sneak peak of what I’m sketching. Im still far from an amazing artist but practice makes perfect.

Whats your one thing? 👇

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