Building Ourselves

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This week’s topic revolves around ourselves. Sometimes, it's not necessarily the business itself that stumbles, but our own habits that cause us to overlook things, procrastinate, doubt ourselves and are afraid to take risks.

Let’s dive into a few resources worth a read!

Atomic Habits - James Clear

If you haven’t heard of James Clear and Atomic habits (which I doubt) he has elegantly explained how habits can make us or break us in this book.

An atomic habit is a regular practice or routine that is not only small and easy to do but is also the source of incredible power; a component of the system of compound growth.

Bad habits repeat themselves again and again not because you don’t want to change, but because you have the wrong system for change.

Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick with them for years.

Tiago Forte - Building a Second Brain

productivity guru who specializes in teaching cohorts of students how to be productive. Tiago’s approach is more detailed however, if this type of productivity is your thing I recommend giving him a look. He is known for the course called ‘Your Second Brain’ where the process of how to take, store, sort and understand tasks in your day-to-day life is the primary subject of the course.

Jake Butcher - Visualize Value

Jake had been running an agency business for a year already, and despite making a good living, it was annihilating him. He became decent at selling agency services: brand, design, content, and strategy.

Jake continually posted new images every day, and as a result, his network grew exponentially, and got introduced to hundreds of brilliant people, many of which turned into clients and collaborators.

Now he is doing extremely well. Doing 6 figures easily doing what he enjoys and what he is good at. Sometimes we need the courage to pivot and do the things we enjoy in life, we need the ability to take risks, even when it’s so hard to make the jump.

Newsletter Feature

Anne-Laure Le Cunff - 5 Tools to add in your Metacognitive Toolbox

Anne-Laure is a neuroscience student (last that I have heard) and posted this short and concise article “Developing metacognitive skills is essential to being productive while taking care of your mental health”.

Anne-Laure was one of the first people that I subscribed to when the initial newsletter boom was happening. Her Newsletter called Maker Mind now has 25,000 subs and is obviously doing well. Check her out!

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