Failure and Success

Issue #1

Failure and Success

When I think about failure, and in contrast success, I often contemplate why does one occur over the other. You put in hours of work, have a novel idea that you think will gain traction, and free you of the corporate world. "This is the one, that will set me free".

Time tends to truck on and that initial burst of emotion, excitement, and dopamine eventually subside. The thing you created is out, and yet there is no traction, no Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). But why you ask? Why after all that time effort? Even at this stage, most people don't make it this far. After the excitement stage, the idea becomes dull, and the progress eventually slows down often to a halt. A stalled engine. I think of the scene of a cold winter night, everything is working against you, no jumper cables, no phone a friend at this hour. You either call a tow trucking company or just wait for the morning. You head on upstairs get into bed and think why? why does everything seem too hard?

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Before we can untangle this predicament we are in we must understand failure. Failure is simply making the wrong decision in an attempt to make the right decision. Failure the word itself displays a negative connotation to it. Failure, unhappy, depressed, and other multiple words that describe it. But what if failure is seen as the opposite, a battle wound, or a goal you hit and desire that one day you will surpass, and oh it will be glorious. Look at failure in this light can lead to the most interesting thoughts and emotions. Failure = knowledge. Without failure how will we ever know success?


Hard work can bring you success, but hard work doesn’t make you invincible.

The thing about success if anyone can reach it through the right time, work, and luck. But to truly be successful, we need to define a goal. What does success mean to you? Is it making $1 online, or is it, paying off student debt, or is it living the life that you control and not others? I think we must define that first. This gives us direction, like a compass, follow the north star first! Success doesn't mean even when we put in all the work this thing whatever that is will work out. Instead, we may think we found the eureka moment but once again did not get any significant traction.

The way I look at this disheartening stage is even though we 'failed' we were successful in many other areas. We now have the data to look back and analyze what went wrong. What can we improve? What did we oversee or overcompensate for? If you can answer any of these questions, I would say we were successful. Successful in the sense that next time around we will be better prepared to avoid the areas that contributed to the failure. We will have more drive, more unf in our step because we gained knowledge.

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Failure and success are like a well-choreographed dance. One can’t move in harmony without the other. Eventually, failure will set in but we must dance with it, flirt with it to truly be successful. Learn its moves, its next step, its next challenge. Study it, embrace it, expect it. Then you begin to lead the dance, you push and pull it in the direction you want to go. At this stage we are in control, we program its next move, we dictate whether or not we dance further.

"Failure isn't fatal, but failure to change might be"

- John Wooden