Milton Hershey started three candy companies before Hershey's.

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Today’s story is that of Milton Hershey

Lets dive in…

Milton Hershey from Hershey Foods is worth five billion dollars in revenue, 11000 employees, and all of its chocolate bars. The company was first started by a young entrepreneur named Milton Hershey, 18 years old. Milton had no money and had to borrow a hundred dollars from his aunt just to get the company off the ground.

When Milton Hershey first got started, he moved to Philadelphia, started the new candy store, and he worked 15 - 16-hour days every day to get the business off the ground. He would manufacture his candy during most nights and then during the day, go out and sell it. After six years of trying and trying and trying, the company eventually failed to think, I'm going to keep going. Eventually he landed in Chicago, started the same business that also failed. He didn't give up and moved to New Orleans, tried again, failed again. Last, he started up again in New York where a few sales come in.

At some point a group of three children robbed his entire shopping inventory by a group of three children. This led to declaring bankruptcy. And after ten years of trying, he didn't give up. He started new businesses again and eventually could build a successful company that we know today.

After trying the same thing over in four different cities after 10 years, Hershey decided I got to try something different. So the big innovation that he did was he moved from caramels to chocolate in 1893. There was a new machine that was on the market in Europe that could help mass produce chocolate. He was going to do something different. He was going to stand out from everybody else, and he was going to be the first guy to make chocolate through a machine.

When Milton Hershey, after ten years of failure, came back home, his parents actually disowned him. They thought he was a failure. He spent 10 years and all this money basically wasting his time in their opinion. So he had nowhere to go. The only person he could call on was actually one of his former employees, Henry, who gave him room and board, who helped pay for him to bring his equipment back from New York so we can start up shop all over again.

Because he treated his employees so well prior that he could call on them to help him out when he really needed help. He believed in that philosophy even when he got richer and was doing a lot better with this company. And he could build up a lot of community support because of his philosophy of being able to continue to give back, help others, and be respectful.

Learn from your mistakes, reflect and accept the failure, but revisit your passion and keep pursuing your goals no matter what!

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