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In this week’s newsletter, I am focusing on startups but starting a company with purpose and intention. Not just the quick get rich type of sentiment. This initial stage is perhaps the most important part of our journey. Really understanding who you are serving, what the pain points are, and how can you alleviate these pain points? The question to begin with is…

What is your why?

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How to Create More Success by Moving Slower

Matilda Ho is interviewed and discusses the benefits of moving slowly sometimes and practicing patience. We live in this world, especially in western culture, where fast is better, fast is newer and fast if money. But that isn’t necessarily true. Along with fast speaking personally, so is more. But I found recently trying to juggle too much isn’t very productive, actually counter intuitive.

“This has allowed us to see first-hand that when you take the time to do things right, you can distance yourself from other players.”

Slow Down! Why Starting Slow Is the Right Speed for Business Success

Yet another article that Rick Terrien speaks to the importance of slowing down. In the article, Rick provides key questions worth asking yourself (see below)

“As you start slow, take the time to research what you love as the first step.” 

  • Where in your own life do you see a need for improvement in the world?

  • What makes you mad about the way some things are done?

  • What scares you? It must scare others. How would you fix or miti­gate this issue?

  • In your own work life, what parts of that work are no longer done to the standards you want to see?

  • Where are labor shortages in your work life most acute?

  • Where in your own life do you see businesses and organizations cutting corners that negatively affect their operations?

  • What opportunities are you hearing about from other places that aren’t yet represented in your community?

  • What problems or issues are you passionate about and that you think others would benefit by having access to your information?

  • Was there an event in your life in which you volunteered for something that lit you up? Can you bring a different perspective to improving those issues?

How To Find SaaS Ideas

If the above article did not spark any ideas or direction for you, then give this article a read. Finding ideas for some are challenging and often a hurdle which takes the longest to jump over. In the “How to Find SaaS Ideas” article, Tom goes through various questions and techniques to help generate ideas, and how to validate and begin the building process.

🎥 The Gap by Ira Glass

Creation is hard, sometimes we feel stuck, not good enough and eventually give up. If this speaks to you, if this is you, please watch this video. I have watched it about 5 times now, and it really lights the fire when things are tough. Just start -> keep it up-> adjust -> keep going…

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