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This week’s format looks and feels different as I expressed last week, in case you didn’t catch the announcement. The newsletter focused on failure to success stories. My intention was that it would inspire, help to distinguish failure from permanent to temporary, dare I say from dead end to opportunity.

There are so many failures to success stories out there. But now what? I want to help by providing resources that in time can answer the now what question on all topics related to startups.

Lets dive in…

📖 Articles

Building Your Social Media Following

Building an audience is really important and is easier than ever (given the access to millions of people on the internet) it gives us leverage and an advantage when we launch our potential startup.

For example, If we decide to launch a business in the health sector and build up our social media audiences with content that is centred around the health topic, our audiences can be our soundboard and potentially our first customers. If we provide value when engaging in social media, we are likely to attract audiences that enjoy our content and that builds up a rapport over time.

Matthew provides a quick and simple guide on how we might grow our audiences.

Interviewing 5 Billionaires

Greg Isenberg breaks down what he learned by interviewing 5 billionaires in a few simple tweets. One specific tweet that stood out to me was a startup is more than just one (1) idea. Instead, it is multiple ideas, more iterations and more responsibility.

What If You Could Do It All Over?

This article speaks about ‘our lives’ and the thought of doing things over again to achieve different outcomes. It touches on the what ifs when we look back at the past. The logic of the article can apply to our lives, our businesses, or loved ones and so on. It is a great article that I suggest giving a read.

Billionaires Build

Paul Graham discusses what YC Combinator looks for in startups, and how to present yourself during the interview process. However, a couple of sections worth mentioning in this article are;

What makes founders successful are ones who genuinely care about the problem they are solving and are unwilling to work for someone else.

I always hear the ‘follow your passion’ or solve a problem in a topic you care about. The reason is obvious. If you care about it enough, it doesn’t feel like work but feels like progress.

The most reliable way to become a billionaire is to start a company that grows fast, and the way to grow fast is to make what users want

🛠 Tools

Design your own website wireframes

This video from Andrew and Freecodecamp takes you through the process of designing a webpage either for yourself or as a service. The mockup starts with a pen and paper, transitions into Figma (a free design tool) with basic colours and shapes, and evolves into a finished product. Give it a watch if you would like to understand the process of wire framing and how you can replicate the finished design.

What to Tweet

Even though we may know what subject to tweet about, sometimes we still experience “tweeters block”. Here is where the “What to Tweet” tool comes into play. It simply provides different prompts to give you an idea of what to tweet about including examples if needed. Give it a try whenever your stuck or run of of ideas.

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