The direction of Beyond the Failure Newsletter

Photo by Heidi Fin on Unsplash

👋 Hi there,

Paolo here with a random midweek email, let me explain 😈

After posting around 10 issues, I wanted to reach out to get your feedback on this newsletter. The feedback you provide has the merit and potential to heavily change the type of content that is being communicated to you from me.

Why is this important? I want to ensure I am delivering value to all subscribers.

Why another survey? After reading The Moms Test by Rob Fitzpatrick, a key theme is to ask open ended questions and some questions that are more conversational.

Why? This opens up the dialogue into a conversation that could lead to new insights that are not guided by the question.

For example, I can ask what problems do you face when dealing with customers? Or I can ask, What problems do you face?

See the difference? One is already ‘leading’ you to speak about a subject you may not actually have an issue with “customers”.

Hopefully, you can use the Mom Test type questions when having conversations or trying to gain customer/user insights.

That being said you can fill out the Survey Here which I ask for you thoughts and feedback.

Thank you for your time and attention.