The story of Arianna Huffington

Her fall changed her life!

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Thank you to all who completed the crazy mid-week survey, it helps me understand ‘you’ and the path forward for this newsletter. In this week's issue I wanted to focus on Arianna Huffington, who was rejected several times prior to her success.

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Who is Arianna Huffington? For context Arianna is a Greek-American author, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman. She is a co-founder of The Huffington Post, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and the author of fifteen books. Obviously, she is an extremely successful businesswoman, but that didn’t come ‘easy’.

It all started rather strangely on April 6, 2007… Ms Huffington, in her home office, experienced a rather nasty fall. Not because she was ill or because she tripped… It was the fall of ‘Success’ or at least what we call success.

The fall was a wake up call from the stress of mountains of paperwork, long hours, and who can forget the lack of sleep.

“I made too many withdrawals from my health bank account, without making any deposits.”

Going through the medical system and visiting various Doctors, and tests like cat scans and MRIs. At this point Arianna began to seriously think about how we define ‘success’. The realization of everyone's dream of living the good life leads to the inspiration of a new book titled “Thrive”. A book about well-being, inspiration and redefining success.

In the book Arianna speaks to the definition of success, based on money and power. It is like a fine balancing act. Sure, you can balance it out for a while, but eventually you’re going to fall and fall hard.

The realization came that how we currently define success is not enough. Arianna thought hard about adding a new definition or third metric for defining success. One that goes beyond the power and money success is thought to bring. These are the common themes or pillars of people who are thriving in their lives.

The Four Pillars

  1. Well-being

  2. Wisdom

  3. Wonder

  4. Giving

It’s hard to believe that Arianna was rejected by three dozen major publishers, when trying to launch her second book. This occurred long before the Huffington Post empire we see and hear of today. Arianna’s second book was rejected 36 times. The Huffington post faced early criticism and negative press initially. I think we know how that turned out.

This article is not only about failure but how and what we do with success that matters. Being successful and not contributing to the four pillars above is almost like a wasted opportunity. An opportunity to care/better yourself and others. We often plan on how to become successful but not beyond that.. Perhaps we should consider that and have a conversation or think about what success really looks like after a few months and years…

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